Jon’s Priorities

  • Student achievement is the number-one priority. Provide interventions and supports to students as needed to close learning gaps, especially because of the pandemic. Hold schools accountable for improved student outcomes. Escondido deserves to have top-performing schools that send students to top-performing universities and trade schools.
  • Continue to expand our Career-Technical Education (vocational) offerings for students.
  • Provide for safe and secure campuses through a multi-pronged approach of facility enhancements (e.g., security cameras, gates, etc.), partnerships with law enforcement and other first responders, regular staff training and practice for a variety of incidents, improved threat assessment protocols and training, mental health supports, and promoting a positive school culture.
  • After coming out of Covid, we must learn from the experience and provide mitigation measures (e.g., improved ventilation) that ensure we keep schools open! We must provide support services to our student to ensure their emotional well-being so they can learn to their maximum potential.
  • We must support our after-school sports and extra-curricular activities because they connect students to their school community, provide leadership experience, promote physical fitness and mental well-being. We must follow through with the city of Escondido to provide state-of-the-art aquatics center that our neighboring communities have enjoyed for years.
  • Provide students with high-quality counseling so they can have the knowledge and preparation to take advantage of the many opportunities that the future holds for them.
  • Improve two-way communication with our parents and invite them to be a part of the ongoing school improvement process.